15 Authors You Should Know

Berry, Wendell Bringing It To The Table - On Farming and Food wendellberrybooks.com
The Mad Farmer Poems
The Art of the Commonplace
Cooper, Ann Lunch Lessons chefann.com
Fussell, Betty Raising Steaks bettyfussell.com
The Story of Corn
Gussow, Joan This Organic Life
Kingsolver, Barbara Animal, Vegetable, Miracle animalvegetablemiracle.com
Kirschenmann, Fred Cultivating an Ecological Consciousness
Lappe, Anna and Terry, Bryant Grub: Ideas for an Organic Kitchen smallplanet.org
Lappe, Francis Moore Diet For A Small Planet smallplanet.org
Hope’s Edge
Masumoto, David Mas Wisdom of The Last Farmer masumoto.com
Nabhan, Gary Where Our Food Comes From garynabhan.com
Renewing America’s Food Traditions
  Coming Home To Eat
  Why Some Like It Hot
Nestle, Marion Food Politics foodpolitics.com
Safe Food
What To Eat
Pet Food Politics
Patel, Raj Stuffed and Starved rajpatel.org
Petrini, Carlo Terra Madre: Forging A New Global Network of Sustainable Food Communities slowfood.com
Slow Food: The Case For Taste
Pollan, Michael Food Rules michaelpollan.com
In Defense of Food
The Omivore’s Dilemna
The Botany Of Desire
Schlosser, Eric Fast Food Nation


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