January 23 2013

The Garden in Winter

Written by  Susan Liechty
The Garden in Winter Photo courtesy of Susan Liechty

Winter in Ohio is always a surprise. Last year no snow and warm temperatures had us thinking we lived much further south. The snow this year has been a welcome sight for us gardeners and photographers to get out and take snow pictures, finally.

The herbs left in the garden have been peaking their heads through the snow. Harry Lauder's Walking Stick, hydrangeas and ornamental grasses showing off their structures, allowing for great photos of the winter garden. I see signs of spring all over the garden with daffodils popping up, hellebores are budded out and tulips have started coming up. My cold frames are loaded with parsley, beets and lettuce to enjoy the remains of fall and the hopefulness of spring.


Although we had the big melt and most of the snow is gone, we are still far away, about 60 days until the first day of spring. I'm sure we will have more snow and cold temperatures this winter.

In the meantime, get out walk around the garden, enjoy the sunshine, the warming temperatures and the early signs of spring.



Snowy Sage




Heavy with Snow Hydrangeas

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