• Community Plates

    One organization's social media solution to end hunger In Africa, doctors are using mobile apps to stop malaria. In Silicon Valley, scientists are using Google's glucose-measuring contact lenses to beat diabetes. And here in Columbus, everyday people are helping to pioneer another 21st century
  • First Fruit

    Planting, growing and picking Ohio's springtime strawberries For Ohio strawberry fans, nothing beats a bite of the season's first fruit. The taste of the long-anticipated juicy, sweet, red-ripe berries spurs visions of a June-filled bounty of these delicious treats. Sliced over cereal. Spooned
  • Riding to Eat

    When biking leads to good eats, and good eats lead to more biking My family's love of bicycling started in the mid 1980s, when my grandmother's restless spirit drove her to find freedom on a bicycle, after her knees were no longer strong enough to support her love of tennis. My dad started
  • From the Kitchen

    Cheddar Chive PopoversAdapted from BLT Steak, New York, NYMakes 6 in a popover pan and 12 in a muffin pan Like soufflés, popovers sound scary. That is, until you find a recipe that works and realize how simple popovers are to make. During my private chef days, our clients requested popovers every
  • Local and In Season

    Local & In Season         What to Eat AsparagusBroccoliBreadsCabbageCheesesCilantroCollardsEggsHoneyKaleMaple syrupMeatsMilkMicrogreensMustard greensRadishesRhubarbSpinachStrawberriesSwiss chardTurnip greens What to Plant MarchStarting plants from seed
  • Fox Hollow Farm

    How one farm became the center of a growing local food community Fox Hollow Farm is a pretty good place to be a blade of grass. Standard practice on the 280-acre farm near Fredericktown is to move the flock of sheep and herd of cattle, referred to collectively as "the flerd," to a new pasture
  • Good Water Stewards

    How Ohio's sustainable farmers are innovating clean water solutions On a 1,250 acre farm in Carroll, Ohio, lives David Brandt, one of the nation's leading experts on soil health. David is producing an abundant supply of healthy food through his innovative farming practices while serving as a
  • The Thymes of Inniswood

    A local garden where thyme thrives in abundance As you walk through the herb garden at Inniswood Metro Gardens, you will notice that thymes are planted throughout the different rooms of the garden. Thyme has a very long recorded history of culinary and medicinal use, dating back to biblical times.
  • The Chickens Come Home to Roost

    Urban chickens strut their stuff around town Dorothy, Mabel, Pearl and Hilda. Buffy and Ginger. Peggy and Betty and Joan. In the winter, the girls put their heads together to cluck over the latest neighborhood gossip. Come spring, they fly the coop and linger outside, having hen parties. Chickens
  • The Budros Way

    From barbecue to macarons, Jim Budros and family share their love of cooking with Columbus Jim Budros's passion for cooking began as a Boy Scout. While other scouts were scratching their heads over charred franks and beans, Jim meticulously constructed perfect fires, the key to edible campfire

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Todd Mills speaks of the American food system with sophistication, knowledge and passion, a passion which led him to co-found pop-up restaurant Granary Grill with friend and business partner Dan Kurth. A strong interest in social justice led him to a series of non-profits, including Columbus's Local Matters. There he learned about some of the problems in the American food system that make it far too difficult for people to get their hands on good food. Eventually, he realized that the problems he perceived might be best adressed through a business. He is currently working towards an MBA at the Ohio State University to take some of his solutions further. In the meantime, Granary Grill, his and Kurth's pop-up restaurant at the Hills Market in Worthington, is his way of providing good delicious food to the people of Columbus. Every Tuesday this summer, he and Kurth serve lunch 11:00-2:00pm outside the store. Bowls are filled with grains and vegetables and optional meat, marrying the concept of delicious and healthy.

Claire Paniccia: What exactly is a pop-up restaurant?

Todd Mills: At the Hills, you present them with concept, and if they think the food is a good fit and that you are going to be reliable provider, then they'll give you a shot to test it out. It's basically a competitive process.

So I did this rather than doing a food truck, which is a low upfront investment, but different from what I want to do. Hills shoppers were not my original target audience, but it's a chance to test my cooking chops and also dive into running a business.

Apple Hill Orchards

1175 Lex-Ontario Road
Mansfield, Ohio 44903

U-pick peaches start late July/early August
U-pick apples and pumpkins in the fall (roughly September-November)
30 varieties of apple, most available to pick

Hours of operation: Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm, Sunday Noon-6pm

Circle S Farms

9015 London Groveport Rd. (St. Rt. 665)
Grove City, Ohio 43123

U-pick pumpkins ready October 1 for all of fall
Hours: 8am-7pm every day
Entrance fee TBA

Market open year round 7 days/week 9am-5pm featuring local produce, baked goods

A relative newcomer to Ohio, Kit Yoon brings her perspective as a licensed acupuncturist and reflexologist trained in traditional Chinese medicine. Kit has had articles featured in Edible Columbus and Edible Boston, as well as blog post contributions to our website (natural Easter egg dyes, anyone?). Read below to learn about how Kit started writing, how Thai food culture has impacted her lifestyle and what food writing she recommends. —Leah Wolf

Leah Wolf: Can you tell us a little about what you do?

Kit Yoon: I am an acupuncturist by profession. For the last two years, since we moved to Columbus, I have been practicing at Urban Acupuncture Center, a community acupuncture clinic in Clintonville. Besides acupuncture, I have also done some freelance writing and photography. But mostly, I am a mother to two lovely children, and a wife to a wonderful man.


LW: What led you to start writing?

KY: Since high school, I have always kept a journal. I found it a good way to end the day; reflect back on what happened that day and also to be in touch with myself during those few moments.

As for freelance writing, it started in 2007 when I spent a year back in the Boston area with my family (where I went to high school and college). At that point, I reconnected with my high school friend who owns an organic vegetable farm. The kids and I spent a great deal on this farm that year. One thing led to another, and I found myself writing about the farm for Edible Boston. More freelance writing and photography followed after that.

July 24 2013

Peach Caprese Salad

Written by

At The Seasoned Farmhouse cooking school, we were recently asked to host a special dinner for a group of out of town magazine editors who were visiting Columbus for the first time. I went to work creating a menu that would show off the delicious bounty of ingredients grown here in Central Ohio, most of which were sourced from the Clintonville Farmers Market.

No summer dinner would be complete without a course dedicated to Branstool Orchards' peaches—this Peach Caprese salad was served as our second course. It's easy to make, delicious and unexpected. Enjoy! 

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