• Fox Hollow Farm

    How one farm became the center of a growing local food community Fox Hollow Farm is a pretty good place to be a blade of grass. Standard practice on the 280-acre farm near Fredericktown is to move the flock of sheep and herd of cattle, referred to collectively as "the flerd," to a new pasture
  • The Budros Way

    From barbecue to macarons, Jim Budros and family share their love of cooking with Columbus Jim Budros's passion for cooking began as a Boy Scout. While other scouts were scratching their heads over charred franks and beans, Jim meticulously constructed perfect fires, the key to edible campfire
  • The Chickens Come Home to Roost

    Urban chickens strut their stuff around town Dorothy, Mabel, Pearl and Hilda. Buffy and Ginger. Peggy and Betty and Joan. In the winter, the girls put their heads together to cluck over the latest neighborhood gossip. Come spring, they fly the coop and linger outside, having hen parties. Chickens
  • From the Kitchen

    Cheddar Chive PopoversAdapted from BLT Steak, New York, NYMakes 6 in a popover pan and 12 in a muffin pan Like soufflés, popovers sound scary. That is, until you find a recipe that works and realize how simple popovers are to make. During my private chef days, our clients requested popovers every
  • Community Plates

    One organization's social media solution to end hunger In Africa, doctors are using mobile apps to stop malaria. In Silicon Valley, scientists are using Google's glucose-measuring contact lenses to beat diabetes. And here in Columbus, everyday people are helping to pioneer another 21st century
  • First Fruit

    Planting, growing and picking Ohio's springtime strawberries For Ohio strawberry fans, nothing beats a bite of the season's first fruit. The taste of the long-anticipated juicy, sweet, red-ripe berries spurs visions of a June-filled bounty of these delicious treats. Sliced over cereal. Spooned
  • Good Water Stewards

    How Ohio's sustainable farmers are innovating clean water solutions On a 1,250 acre farm in Carroll, Ohio, lives David Brandt, one of the nation's leading experts on soil health. David is producing an abundant supply of healthy food through his innovative farming practices while serving as a
  • Riding to Eat

    When biking leads to good eats, and good eats lead to more biking My family's love of bicycling started in the mid 1980s, when my grandmother's restless spirit drove her to find freedom on a bicycle, after her knees were no longer strong enough to support her love of tennis. My dad started
  • Local and In Season

    Local & In Season         What to Eat AsparagusBroccoliBreadsCabbageCheesesCilantroCollardsEggsHoneyKaleMaple syrupMeatsMilkMicrogreensMustard greensRadishesRhubarbSpinachStrawberriesSwiss chardTurnip greens What to Plant MarchStarting plants from seed
  • The Thymes of Inniswood

    A local garden where thyme thrives in abundance As you walk through the herb garden at Inniswood Metro Gardens, you will notice that thymes are planted throughout the different rooms of the garden. Thyme has a very long recorded history of culinary and medicinal use, dating back to biblical times.

announce classes

On a picture perfect summer evening last Thursday, our cooking class guests joined Tricia at the Easton Farmers Market for an informative shopping trip through the market, followed by a meal prepared with products purchased from the local vendors.

We began our trip at Lucky Cat Bakery where Tricia gathered two loaves of freshly baked focaccia bread to serve with dinner. The Pataskala-based bakery offers a variety of breads, and is best known for their sourdough varieties.

Welcome to the introductory post of our “Get to Know You” Series, a feature that aims to highlight influential people and important places around Columbus. Each week we will published a brief Q&A and post a recipe from a chef, food or beverage artisan, farmer or entrepreneur that has an impact on our vast, valuable Edible community. We hope you enjoy meeting these inspiring individuals! 

Get to Know the Food Artisan: Jean Mackenzie of Mackenzie Creamery

What do you make?

Here at Mackenzie Creamery, we make delicious and award-winning goat cheese. For the first three years of our business we made solely fresh chèvre. We had fun creating different recipes from sweet to savory, plain to marinated. In our first three years we received eight national awards for our plain chèvre, cognac fig chèvre and our marinated chèvre. We are now producing an aged, soft ripened, edible rind style goat cheese, which we are very excited about!

July 26 2011

One Potato, Two

Written by

Everyone should plant a potato. Probably once every year. It'll keep you humble.

I decided this while planting our potato crop several weeks back. To set the scene: After weeks and weeks of rain delay, in what was reportedly the wettest May on record, our field had finally been tilled and was now too dry. If you've never planted potatoes before, you take an actual potato and cut it up into pieces that each contain at least two eyes that will hopefully sprout. (Yes, just like they do in your pantry when you don't want them to.) This was no problem for us, since we'd been holding onto our seed potatoes for months now, waiting for the field to dry out. They were already sprouting; no guesswork involved to figure out which eyes might be viable.

July 21 2011

New York, New York

Written by

I have to admit my home away from home is New York City. I fell deeply in love with the city while attending The French Culinary Institute. I go back any chance I get.

My top 10 favorite places to visit in 2011:

1. The Union Square Green Market, grownyc.org

2. EATALY, eatalyny.com

3. Any restaurant owned by David Chang, momofuku.com

4. The food Halls by Todd English at the Plaza, theplazafoodhall.com

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